Southern Cross Cameras Australia

Southern Cross Cameras Australia is a boutique camera rental house based in Sydney, Australia. We strive to offer unique personal service with thoughtfully set up and immaculately maintained equipment.

We can supply any production with a wide selection of camera packages, lenses, speciality lenses, or video gear - all maintained immaculately and supplied by our professional staff .

Take a look at our range of cameras, including the incredible ARRI ALEXA XT PLUS, ARRI ALEXA MiniRED Epic Dragon, and the brand new ARRI AMIRA.

Our range of lenses available for rent include the Leica Summicron C Lens Set,  Arri Master Primes,  Zeiss Ultraprimes, Cooke S4 LDS LensesCooke 5i's, and Angeniuex Optimos.

SCC Australia can also supply accessories for professional film & television productions - specifically underwater housings and grip gear.